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A different thing we're all available to want to accompany much more of is the new custom buckskin straitjacket from Northbound Buckskin that Lukovia is laced up in. She is gagged with wraps of microfoam tape around her head, and her absurd legs are frogtied along with brown leather straps. Natalie is ballgagged and has her great legs frogtied by thick leather straps. I'm both saddened after that angered to think a man so young could be laid so at a low level by health that he must choose to ban doing that which he loves. Finally, her heels are removed and her superb legs are strapped into a frogtie. Although there is more you need to know. After that the video clip this week, which features the superb Miss Autum Bodell squeezing into a darlex hobble-dress straitjacket.

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The video clip this week is the delicious Ludella Hahn tightly strapped addicted to a small Posey straitjacket, gagged with microfoam adhesive tape, and frogtied with buckskin straps. Tips para adeudar en cuenta: Wenona after that Autumn Bodell Wenona is looking gorgeous as all the time, this time decked absent head to toe all the rage brown leather. Eunoia after that Kajira Bound The absolute thing about the actual slender leather armbinder as of Restricted Senses is so as to then the perfection so as to is Eunoia's body perro be put more abundant on display. Then the video clip this week, which features the brilliant Miss Autum Bodell squeezing into a darlex hobble-dress straitjacket. She is ballgagged and hogtied with buckskin ankle cuffs and attach. Well at least it got done once! The video clip this week is the petite Shasta Wonder bundled up careful and tight in a small Posey straitjacket. She is gagged with a matching red and black ballgag, and her legs are fixed with the ballet splints rednering her feet useless. The capture clip this week is the lovely Bella Ink being bundled up all the rage the white latex straitjacket, then struggling while ballgagged and ankle cuffed. Accompany the magnificence for by hand in the Pay Burden area. Lukovia is strapped up, arms behind, after that frogtied with leather straps.

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Accordingly happy that she took a chance on me, and I think you will be too as a result of the time you accompany the results, like this week's set of her laced up tight all the rage the custom leather straitjacket. She is gagged along with a white ballgag, after that her incredible legs are frogtied with rope. Tips para tener en cuenta: One of the things Iv'e been trying en route for do lately is act and improve upon my rope rigging. I'm absolutely she would complain, although she is ballgagged. Rose is locked up firmly in a leather straitjacket and thoroughly muzzled along with a multi-strapped leather coach. Thank you for altogether your hard work after that inspiration, Dave. Now against this week's festivities It was noticable in her profile photos, and it was noticable on adjust, Aimee Manson knows accurately how to give absolute damsel face. See the loveliness for yourself all the rage the Pay Load area.

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We only spoke once arrange fetlife. She is ballgagged and her legs are bound with leather straps. For the video attach this week, new gal Kajira Bound gets abut in a small Posey straitjacket. Krystal and Lukovia Krystal returns for add straitjacket goodness, this week in a blue bodysuit and shiny pantyhose arrangement. Reading the comment bite revealed that this was actually a panel as of an illustrated story Azotea and a collaborator had created. See the appetizing fetishy goodness in the Pay Load area. Accompany for yourself over all the rage the Pay Load area.

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After that she is bundled addicted to a small Posey straitjacket, and is gagged along with a white ballgag. Bella Ink and Princess Anna [edit ] Thank you all for your endurance in getting this week's video clip up! After that good models get awkward bondage and gagging at this juncture, so Merula does although head to toe all the rage basic black. Krystal after that Shasta Wonder This week's lovely model, Krystal, had the shirt and the sneakers. A unique hogtie for everyone's favorite little horror princess.

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Bearing a blonde wig after that a very sexy affair woman type outfit, she is ultra-tightly straitjacketed all the rage a small Posey straitjacket. Ludella Hahn and Sahrye One of the babliest babes to ever babe-in-arms here at straitjacketed. Sahrye had a great absolute catsuit and boot combo that she looked blast in naturally. The redhead is wrapped up all the rage a leather straitjacket, is ballgaged, and hobbled along with ballet splints. See this over in the Compensate Load area. Krystal is taken down and actual tighly straitjacketed. This individual actually worked for a number of years with minimal troubles, so I'm thankful designed for that.

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